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The Consultation with Design to Sell Staging


The consultation will yield you the biggest return on your investment.  We know what buyers want and our role is to make sure YOU get the maximum equity out of your home by staging it so that it is attractive to todays buyer, BEFORE the for sale sign goes up! At the end of the consultation you will receive a booklet style report, with checklists to prepare the home, and personalized notes of all recommendations.  

what happens at the consult?

The Staging Professional will tour the home with the homeowner while completing the report and making recommendations on everything from floor to ceiling that should be or could be changed or improved before the FOR SALE sign goes up! Consults typically last 1.5 - 2 hours depending on the size of the home.

what kinds of recommendations do you make?

The Design to Sell Staging Professional will go room - to - room giving recommendations on anything that should be updated, replaced or removed. This covers everything from carpet to paint, fixtures and furniture, decor and how things are displayed. It is a very comprehensive home staging consultation which is designed to help you get the MOST money possible for your home.  We will also guide you on what is most important to do, and how you should spend your budget. We know real estate in Buffalo & what today's buyer is looking for.

what exactly is staging?

Staging is preparing the home for today's buyer.  For a vacant home, it's about bringing furnishings and accessories in. Most buyers cannot visualize how a home should look. Good staging is created to invoke the psychological feelings that people need to make a purchase. They need to "feel" like the home can work for them by understanding the purpose of each room and really seeing the selling features.

In an occupied home, it is often about minimizing clutter, fixing things that have worn over years or become outdated, and changing the lay out of furniture, or bringing in new pieces all together, with rented furniture, or purchasing new items. The goal is to really showcase the house and impress buyers.

What happens after the consult?

Homeowners are provided with a booklet of the recommendations the Staging Professional made at the consult.  They are also provided with checklists of everything that should be done for each room in the home, so that the home will be SHOW READY! 

Many homeowners hire us to return AFTER they have completed work in the home (painting, removing items, repairs, or updates), so that we can expertly showcase and prepare the home. Sometimes we bring in new accessories (art work, decor, lamps, rugs etc.), and furniture for homeowners to rent. We set everything up and remove it after the house sells. We hang art work, display decor, dress up beds, and move the furniture around, so that the homes best features are prominently visible.

How much will it cost me?

Staging pretty much always costs LESS than your first price drop, if you don't stage. Think about it for a minute... When your house is sitting on the market, you'll be faced with having to drop the price. Generally speaking price drops start at $5000 , depending on the initial price -- sometimes price drops are even higher. Staging generally costs less than dropping the price. It is definitely an investment in securing the equity in your home. 

Staging prices vary, and we do our best to work with every budget. Sometimes we bring in a little less to lower the costs -- we may just stage certain rooms in the home, instead of the whole house.

Our estimates will include the break down and cost to deliver, set up, and remove the furniture, and every estimate is prepared individually as their are many factors to take into consideration, like, whether or not there are stairs, the distance of the home from our facility, the size of the truck required, the number of staff needed, and the expense of the items brought into the home.

Please contact us for your personalized estimate.